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Hydrogen Water Ionizer

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Introducing the Hydrogen Water Ionizer, a portable and convenient solution for your family's hydration needs. With its 2L large capacity and constant temperature control, enjoy refreshing and health-enhancing hydrogen water wherever you go. Say goodbye to dehydration and hello to a revitalizing experience. Perfect for veterans seeking optimal hydration on the go.

  • This hydrogen generator efficiently produces and stabilizes hydrogen within water, effectively removing oxygen, residual chlorine, and other gases. Experience a rapid improvement in water quality.
  • With a large capacity, the hydrogen generator caters to the entire family's daily drinking water needs, making it a practical choice for veterans and their households.
  • The advanced technology in this electrolytic cup, featuring a platinum-titanium alloy filmless electrolytic ring, evenly envelops hydrogen molecules in water. This ensures a high hydrogen concentration and exceptional stability for a consistent hydrogen-rich experience.


Material: titanium platinum electrolytic sheet plastic
Product packaging: sponge+carton
Product size: 28.5*17.8cm/11.22*7.01in
Voltage: 110V-220V
Plug: US Plug/EU Plug(optional)
Hydrogen production capacity: 800-1200PPB
Capacity: 2000ML
Electrolytic power: 20W
Heating power: 200W-350W

Experience Refreshment with Hydrogen Water Ionizer: Transform Regular Water into Antioxidant-Rich Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen Water Ionizer

$88.99 USD

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