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5-165KG Hand Grip Strengthener

$26.99 USD

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Build strength and improve your grip with the 5-165KG Hand Grip Strengthener. This adjustable fitness tool is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their arm and hand power. With a built-in counter, you can easily track your progress as you train. Strengthen your grip and conquer any challenge with this powerful grip strength trainer.


  • Elevate your hand, wrist, and forearm strength with our innovative hand gripper. It's designed to target and strengthen the muscles in your hands and arms, enhancing overall fitness and endurance. Whether you're aiming to improve your hand strength or engage in effective hand-training exercises, this gripper is the ideal choice. Its intelligent mechanical counter helps you track and monitor your grip strength progress, ensuring efficient workouts that push your limits.

  • Our forearm wrist strengthener features a creative spring design, allowing you to adjust the resistance level to your personal preferences and strength capabilities. Simply twist the adjustment button to choose the desired tension, providing a challenging yet manageable workout experience. The anti-slip handle and premium stainless steel spring ensures a comfortable grip while effectively targeting hand and arm muscles. Tailor the resistance level to your needs, promoting gradual strength improvement and muscle development.

  • Incorporating hand exercises into your routine not only strengthens your grip but also enhances joint mobility and aids in rehabilitation training. Our finger gripper is suitable for individuals looking to improve hand strength and flexibility, making it ideal for rehabilitation purposes. It promotes blood circulation and relieves tension in your hands and wrists, helping alleviate discomfort and support recovery. Whether you're recovering from an injury or maintaining hand health, our gripper caters to your specific needs.


Material: ABS & Stainless Steel

Upgrade Your Workout with 5-165kg Hand Grip Strengthener: Diverse Resistance for Effective Training

5-165KG Hand Grip Strengthener

$26.99 USD

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